Notes from La Guajira, Colombia

This past month, I traveled to Colombia. I wasn't my first time in the country, but certainly my introduction to La Guajira.  This region is northern part of Colombia- the land of the Wayuu people.  This area belonging to the Wayuu, is actually split between Colombia and Venezuela.  When in Colombia, you eat patacones and seldom wish for anything else when you're on a beautiful deserted beach, but perhaps a beer and freshly caught shrimp right? The Wayuu have preserved and maintained their native culture in many ways, including language and way of life. For example, they are one of the last matriarchal...

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Cooking and Painting in the Classroom

Armed with fresh ingredients, watercolor supplies, and a tasty recipe, I headed to Marie Reed Elementary School in Washington, DC this month to cook up Avocado Mango Lettuce Wraps from my cookbook Mi Comida Latina. Research suggests that we need to try a new food 10 times before we can decide if we like it or not. But the problem is most people, especially kids, don’t try new foods 10 times if they don’t like them the first time. That’s where cooking in the classroom comes in- it provides a low-stakes, fun environment to discover new foods and foods prepared...

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Hawaii Travels

Aloha! Having been back for about a month, I’ve been doing a good bit of reflecting and reminiscing about my time in Hawaii. If you’ve followed my work for a while, you may know that my original cookbook, Mi Comida Latina, was inspired by my travels in Latin America. While I was traveling, I journaled constantly about my experiences and the times I spent cooking with locals in their homes. It became my main mode of creation and spurred the full blown cookbook. Well, since I was traveling again, I of course took my journal to Hawaii. Here are some...

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An update from Cuba

Greetings desde Havana! This entry will be like a really long postcard, a brief but general update on my time here in Cuba.  I've been journaling a bunch but haven't had the chance to use the internet much.  The days are just packed. I'm busily working away on cookbook content. I'm cooking nearly everyday with chefs and home cooks in my apartment at times and around the city in various kitchens.  I’m learning a tremendous about about food here, and the Cuban way of cooking- clearly. It’s been very easy to connect with collaborators, to my luck. They are all very...

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