Twelve Foot Salmon Drawing

 Creating really large drawings is something I rarely  have the opportunity to do. So when the opportunity comes around (an empty house, room to spread out), I make sure to take advantage of it!  I've had the inspiration to make a large format Salmon drawing after going to New Orleans and dining at the restaurant Peche, where I was inspired by a giant catfish drawing framed and displayed in their main dining room. It took up the whole wall. 

This pencil drawing is a nod to the Northwest, and finished, it measures twelve feet. This piece could use a home, please contact me if you have installation opportunities for this piece to share. 

As an Oregonian, the salmon has been part of my culture and a theme in my art, from my Types of Salmon design to my recent  River to Sea collaboration with Columbia Riverkeeper.  

As for upcoming Northwest events, we're looking forward to selling  Hood River Valley Harvest Festival for the first time selling prints from the collection. Come visit us in person or shop the  Pacific Northwest Collection!