A mural Around the DC Dupont Circle Metro Station’s North Entrance

When considering the subject matter for this project, I drew my inspiration from the vibrant array of offerings of the Dupont Circle Farmers Market, an enduring pillar of our neighborhood for over 25 years. Each element of the mural is a testament to the wide variety of local goods found at the market - from the artisanal bread to the luscious produce, savory cheeses, and succulent meats.

When approached by Bill McLeod, the executive director of the Dupont Circle BID, about transforming the temporary fencing at the Dupont Circle Metro Station's North Entrance into a work of art, I was immediately captivated by the opportunity to contribute to the beautification of our community. Collaborating with WMATA's Art in Transit Program Manager, Laurent Odde, we saw a chance to infuse the construction site with creativity and vitality, enhancing the experience of commuters and visitors alike.

Being an artist known for my ability to capture the essence of food, I felt honored to be selected for this project. It's gratifying to see construction not as a hindrance, but as an opportunity to engage with the community and celebrate local culture through art. Food, being a universal language, serves as the perfect medium to connect with people on a profound level.

As the mural takes shape, I hope it serves as a vibrant reflection of our community's spirit and the enduring legacy of the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. May it brighten the days of those who live, work, or simply pass through our beloved neighborhood."

The four panels celebrate the diverse selection of foods available at the Dupont Farmers Market.