Fresh Juice and Fruits of Cuba

 Summertime means fresh!

If you’re anything like me, I love eating fruit that’s just been harvested during these warm months.  I love u-picking and buying produce direct from the farmer any time I can.  This usually leaves me with an abundance of fresh fruit that is usually too much to just eat, so juicing is one of those ways that I process and enjoy larger quantities of fresh fruits.

Here’s some inspiration for you on juice - in Cuba and much of Latin America, fresh squeezed juice is relatively easy to come by, typical to find being made in the home, or sold direct from a juice vendor with their mobile juicer, roadside. In the US it's not as commonplace, but just as enjoyable.

Below you’ll find the simplest of recipes for making your own fresh juice, and to note, this recipe is adaptable to many many fruits.  

Next up, see the relating page to the fresh juice from Comida Cubana, an overview of some of the most common fruits found in Cuba. Have you tried Nispero? How about Mamey