The 2023 Calendar Supports Non Profit, DC Central Kitchen

Each year, I create a calendar to raise awareness and funds for a worthy non-profit organization committed to furthering the cause of social justice and addressing the needs of low-income members of the community.

This year’s recipient of the profits for the 2023 calendar is DC Central Kitchen, the innovative social enterprise nonprofit founded in 1989 by Robert Egger.  Mr. Egger’s vision for addressing hunger turned the traditional “food bank” approach on its head, addressing the root causes of hunger and food insecurity using food as a tool for real change. He started by collecting food which would have been tossed out by restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and the like, turning it into healthy meals prepared by those same people who would ultimately be the receivers of the food. His “community kitchen” model spread to over 60 similar central kitchens across the US and to numerous college campuses to address food waste in dining halls and transform it into meals for the hungry.

He also recognized that jobless adults could be trained in the culinary arts, offering hands-on experience and skills which can land jobs for those who have previously had a difficult time with employment.  Many who have trained at DC Central Kitchen have gone out into the community with their new skills to help feed their neighbors, or work at one of DC Central Kitchen’s social  ventures, such as their farm-to-school meal program and deliveries of fresh produce to corner stores in neighborhoods lacking a full-service grocery store. 

With the purchase of this calendar you are helping DC Central Kitchen continue to build upon Mr. Egger’s original vision to educate and serve those in need through job training, job creation, and reliable access to healthy food.

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