Library Mural Update for Fern the Fox and Tree of Wonder

Exciting news is afoot in Forest Grove as the Public Library unveils its newest addition: the Mobile Library van is now adorned with the mural art I made, Tree of Wonder featuring Fern the Fox! This design has transformed the mobile unit into a moving work of art, and I hope it sparks curiosity and imagination wherever it goes.

Fern the Fox, with her bright eyes and playful demeanor, now greets readers of all ages as they explore the wonders of literature both at the Library and on the go. Rabbits and forest creatures scamper all about the tree as birds perch and watch as other take flight with books as wings. The vibrant colors and intricate details of the mural invite passersby to pause and enjoy at the beauty of the imaginative scene as it is brought to life. 

Whether you visit the Library to see the actual mural on the south side of the Public Library or catch the Mobile Library parked at local events, or visiting schools, may this playful and magical forest scene inspire curiosity and discovery in all with the pages of books.  After all, in the world of literature, anything is possible, especially with Fern leading the way!