My Art Journey by DC Zesty Story

DC Zesty Story came to the studio and interviewed me, and here's the wonderful result!  I'm so appreciative for the feature and we cover a quite a lot of my art journey! Enjoy the the video. (link below)

Meet Marcella Kriebel: The Artist Who Cooks or the Cook Who Arts? 🎨🍲
From barefoot gardening to the vibrant hues of her watercolor palette, Marcella has always found a way to merge her love for art and culture-through-cuisine. 🌿🎨

🌏 Her journey led her from degrees in Studio Art and Cultural Anthropology to extensive travels in Latin America, filling journals with flavors and sketches. 🌮📝

🏛️ She graced Washington, D.C. with her talents, taking an internship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Today, she’s a cornerstone of the Brookland Arts Walk, while also making waves in Hood River, Oregon. 🏛️🌳

📚 Dive into her illustrated cookbooks, “Mi Comida Latina” and “Comida Cubana,” where over a hundred Latin American dishes come to life through her spirited watercolors. 🎨🍲
🚣‍♀️ But don’t box her in—she’s also a kayaker and snowboarder, embracing the outdoors as a counterbalance to her bustling artistic life. 🚣‍♀️🏂

👀 Stay tuned as we explore the eclectic world of Marcella, where art meets food in a colorfully delicious symphony. 🎨🎶

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