Branding: Logo, identity, and package design for international award winning bean-to-bar chocolate. 

Little Wild Things

Branding: Logo, identity, and package design for Washington, DC based urban farm and micro greens company. 


Paper Sculpture + Photography: Creation of life-size tacos made of paper, photography and digital output for branded stationery.


Hand Drawn Feast Solo Exhibition + Tomato Mural

Installation: 65 original framed artworks were showed as part of 365 Art Every Day project. Marcella created an original watercolor each day of 2014, and exhibited select pieces from the project at Wildhand Workspace, July 2015.  The mural, Heirloom Tomato was painted on site for the exhibition. 4' x 4', acrylic.

Foodways at Nana Cardoon

Branding: Logo, illustration, and fabric design for hand sewn dishtowels of farm education center in Forest Grove, Oregon