Echinacea Flower Cross Section Outdoor Mural - Marcella Kriebel Art + Illustration

Echinacea Flower Cross Section Outdoor Mural

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Large Scale Painting:  Front door mural designed and painted for How You Heal, an Accupuncture and Chinese Therapy Clinic in Takoma Park, DC. Marcella created the mural in February, 2020.


Marcella's art is top notch! I am constantly gifting her art prints, cards and stickers - they feel so personal. I also have loved taking her workshops and learning basics in watercolor!

Kendra Shannon

I love how Marcella's watercolors have such a distinct style and feel to them. They're so colorful, I feel like I can spot from far away because they're so distinct.

Patrick Abrams

As a collector of Marcella's watercolors, I have a six of her frames in my living room and swap the watercolors out seasonally with different prints- it's so fun to change them up, and I love how big her collection is. It's a joy to curate my wall with these watercolors!

Nancy Delgado