Public Art Is Served • My Mural for Pow! Wow! DC


This spring, I was fortunate to participate in the international mural festival, POW! WOW! DC. Now in their third year in the district, POW! WOW! celebrates culture and creativity by organizing the production of murals and live art installations in public spaces across the globe. 

As one of the twenty participants in the festival, I designed and produced a sixty foot mural in the NoMa neighborhood. The entire creative process took nine days to complete. Pulling from some of my previous work, I chose to showcase bright and vibrant fruits and veggies on a larger than-life-scale, including a papaya as big as a car, a 12 foot tall jalapeño pepper, and blueberries bigger than your head!

The production of the mural wasn't always easy. Some rain showers, unrelenting afternoon sun, no easy access to bathrooms, and lots of time on a ladder were some of the challenges we faced. And yet the cumulative experience was awesome; the community and energy around this event was so fulfilling. I'm thankful and proud to be a part of the POW! WOW! community. Countless organizers, volunteers, sponsors and artists came together with the common goal of beautifying our city with art and I'm grateful for their work. Check out more on the festival's Instagram page or website to see the latest murals created.  

My mural will be there for one year, until the next Pow! Wow! DC Festival. It is located on the Metropolitan Branch Trail, near the 3rd and R street NE entrance in Washington, DC.

Mural GIF