Spring Release: New Watercolor Prints & Greeting Cards

I've been quietly plugging away on a bunch of new work, which as a group, I'm calling the Spring Release.  I feel like it's rare when I have so many new things going to print, it almost feels like a bonafide seasonal collection!   I believe there are nine new designs.

I'm making moves to designate my art to specific pieces, which means each design will intentionally be exclusive to a card or a print.  I'm thinking of the cards as more 'occasionals' and the new prints, as works that could stand alone or complement other designs in the open edition collection. 

I created the strawberry to go with the long-standing favorite, blueberry, and the Sazerac to complement the growing collection of Illustrated Cocktails.  I think fancy and fun Charcuterie/Cheese plate looks nice alongside the wine themed pieces, one of which, is new- the Wine Key.  Other new prints are brand new ideas, including the design of a Margaret Mead quote, You Are Unique / Just Like Everyone Else. I just love this idea for it's multiple positive sentiments and the truth it suggests.

The the realm of greeting cards, a slogan that's been buzzing around my head has been a 'congratulatory' card- See it here, a blossoming tree where the roots spell out out the phrase, Way to Grow.  

One could also suggest that nothing says I love you like an avocado.  

Back by popular demand, is the quote I used on my illustrated calendar two years ago: They Tried to Bury Us/ They Thought They Were Seeds. I've made this design into a greeting card, too, which I love! I hope you do, too.