Southern Utah: The Art of Stone + Pen and Ink Sketches in my Travel Journal / Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef National Park

This past week during my travels, I put down the watercolor set and vowed to create in just pen and ink as I traversed through rock of the ages. For five days, six friends and I toured Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and Capital Reef National Monument. 

National Park UtahTravel Journal Utah, Artist SketchbookWe usually got to do two hikes a day, bringing along our trail ready lunch of apples, cheese, granola and low abv beers.  In Utah, all beer made and sold in the state must be less than 4%. The best dining experience the whole trip?  Easily the Hells Backbone Grill, this place is well worth planning into your visit if you are anywhere near the town of Boulder.

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At Zion National Park, we marveled at massive rock faces sculpted by water and wind. Swaths of ocre, warm chalky rusts, and greys and tans all converged to form daring and distinct surfaces we could see for miles along the Watchman's trail. At Bryce Canyon, hoodoos, or large columns of chalky red earth, stood tall in the dry air. More than once, I felt as though I was walking through a storyboard for a Dr. Seuss book.

And At Capitol Reef, we walked a dried riverbed, craning our necks to look up at the giant smooth striped rock faces that appeared cut, as if parted from a block of ripe blue cheese. Each one of these parks was unique and full of unforeseen beauty. If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend experiencing the marvels of southern Utah. I now think of rock quite differently thanks to these exquisite, protected parks. 

Here's to warm weather adventure and narration of travel through drawings!

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