Movie nights from my Living Room ( FOODIE FILMS ROUNDUP! )

In my house, we bought a projector screen for our small living room to roll down so we can enjoy some big screen movies in lieu of the fact we won’t be going to the movie theater for the foreseeable future.  We’ve never had room for a TV because our third floor turret space has so many windows. (No complaints!) It’s WAY better than the laptop on the coffee table set up we had before! 

We’ve been rewatching some of my favorite movies and always come back to the fact that food movies provide a great, albeit brief, escape.

Big Night:  Two loving, immigrant brothers ( Stanley Tucci and Tony Shaloub)  throw a big dinner party in an attempt to save their struggling restaurant. Note and embrace the scene showing their hairy arms making pasta.  

Chef: Jon Favreau quits his fancy restaurant job and starts a food truck, recharging his passion for food and his relationships with his friends and family.  You may want to rewatch the grilled cheese scene a couple of times. 

Chocolat: An outsider woos small town folks in a village in France into all kinds of temptation through her small chocolate shop while simultaneously falling  for gypsy, Johnny Depp. 

Ratatouille: Cutest rat ever with a sophisticated food palette who wants more out of life.  Not just for kids! It’s funny, endearing, and a beautiful story. One of Pixar’s best.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: The story of Acclaimed chef Jiro and his tiny Michelin three-star restaurant.  Explores his son’s journey as he navigates trying to live up to the reputation of his father and the acclaimed restaurant. 

Babbette’s Feast: Danish story of two “spinster” sisters who take in a Parisian refugee (Babette) who introduces the community and their strict father’s congregation to the earthly pleasures of fine food and wine.  

Tortilla Soup: The story of three sisters who are coping with their father and his traditional values through their mandatory Sunday dinners.  A rift forms when Hortensia (played by Raquel Welch) tries to gain their father’s affection.  Based on the Taiwanese oscar nominated film, Eat Drink Man Woman also a great foodie classic.