Mid Atlantic local foods mandala inspired watercolor for Edible DC Magazine

Edible DC is one of my favorite local publications in Washington, DC, and have been huge supporters of my work since the very beginning, when my first illustrated cookbook, Mi Comida Latina released.  When they asked me to create an illustration to accompany a piece written by Nevin Martell, a friend, and talented food writer in the area, I jumped at the chance.  Nevin came up with a really cool idea which was to create a composition of foods inspired by a mandala, a circular design that has a sense of symmetry to it.  My watercolor showcases many local, and foraged foods, native to the Mid-Atlantic including:  shad roe (the funky-looking pink blobs, which are actually delicious flavorful fish eggs when prepared fresh), soft shell crab, nettles, fiddlehead ferns, Chesapeake Bay rockfish, paw paws, morel mushrooms, wild persimmons, and ramps.   

The piece will be available as a limited edition 9"x12" print,  I'll also be offering the original art piece for sale. Find the print here

Mid Atlantic Foraged Local Foods Watercolor Illustration