Hawaii Travels


Having been back for about a month, I’ve been doing a good bit of reflecting and reminiscing about my time in Hawaii. If you’ve followed my work for a while, you may know that my original cookbook, Mi Comida Latina, was inspired by my travels in Latin America. While I was traveling, I journaled constantly about my experiences and the times I spent cooking with locals in their homes. It became my main mode of creation and spurred the full blown cookbook.

Well, since I was traveling again, I of course took my journal to Hawaii. Here are some of my absolute highlights, with journal entries and photos included:


The flora: The beauty and diversity of Hawaii are represented through the island’s fecund flowers. From the traditional leis you receive upon arriving to the abundance of hibiscus everywhere including the side of the road, I was overwhelmed in a good way by the flora around me.


The fauna: You may think the beaches are for your enjoyment, but think again. Roosters and hens strut across the sand all day long, possibly enjoying the sunshine and ocean views more than us.


The language: I truly believe that to travel “deeper”, you must learn a little of the local lingo. As we traveled, I kept a list of Hawaiian words I heard in an attempt to immerse myself more in the culture. Some of my favorite are moana “ocean” and aina “land”


The food: And who could forget the food? My travels were filled with poke bowls and fresh, tropical produce. I even got to see where some food was grown at the Ala Wai Community Garden in Honolulu.

To see all of my Hawaii journals and photos, check out my Instagram page @MarcellaKriebel. Until next time, aloha!