Cooking and Painting in the Classroom

Armed with fresh ingredients, watercolor supplies, and a tasty recipe, I headed to Marie Reed Elementary School in Washington, DC this month to cook up Avocado Mango Lettuce Wraps from my cookbook Mi Comida Latina.

Research suggests that we need to try a new food 10 times before we can decide if we like it or not. But the problem is most people, especially kids, don’t try new foods 10 times if they don’t like them the first time. That’s where cooking in the classroom comes in- it provides a low-stakes, fun environment to discover new foods and foods prepared in a different way.

After we spent some time watercoloring, we worked up an appetite. The Avocado Mango Lettuce Wrap recipe was selected because it’s quick and easy, and it tastes delicious, pleasing both the parents and kids in the room. The students assisted in preparation and worked to wash, chop, and assemble the wraps. Once we bit in, they were a hit- students enjoyed trying the new food and were able to take home the recipe to show their families.

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