Comida Latina: an Illustrated Cookbook

“I am completely and utterly enchanted by this book.  There is just something so personal and intimate about these hand-drawn and lettered recipes — it’s like receiving a letter from a dear friend who’s been living abroad. Every page is so colorful and vibrant, you can almost smell the spices.”

Emma Christensen,

Comida Latina

Video produced by Leslie Atkins.

Comida Latina is no longer available online. The newest version of the book, Mi Comida Latina will be published by Burgess Lea Press in 2015 and distributed by Simon & Schuster.  This new book will include 40 additional pages and over 100 recipes inspired by Marcella’s travels in Latin America.

Marcella’s cookbook is beautifully illustrated with a handmade appeal.   Each page is hand lettered and every recipe features a unique style, layout and her watercolor artwork. The cookbook is a hardcover, 9.5 x 11.25, printed on premium 100#GSM paper.

This collection features many of Marcella’s favorite dishes, desserts, and drinks from Latin America; tamales, ceviche, empanadas, flan and many more favorites from countries including Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico. Marcella has also included lots of pages about Latin American ingredients that are less common outside of the US including prickly pear, yuca root, and epazote.

The book also includes an overview of Latin American cheeses available in the US, and pages describing various methods of chili preparation, how to prepare cactus, and tips for frying foods. Marcella has also devoted a page to favorite tools in the kitchen; things that will make cooking this cuisine more efficient and more fun.

Comida Latina an Illustrated Cookbook









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