Paint Your Own Landscape in Watercolor, A Virtual Workshop- April 11 - Marcella Kriebel Art + Illustration

Paint Your Own Landscape, A Virtual Workshop- April 30th, 2023

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Join Marcella Kriebel in an afternoon of painting from your home. 

Paint Your Own Landscape in Watercolor from Start to Finish 

We'll cover the basics of watercolor and Marcella will share her approach to creating a simple watercolor composition of an outdoor landscape. 

Bring your own photograph of an outdoor scene to the course, or follow along with Marcella's example of the Columbia River Gorge

Starting with a blank piece of watercolor paper, Marcella will implement a series of her favorite techniques that build dimension and depth in paintings, using an outdoor scene as the subject matter. This class is designed for everyone, beginning painters to more advanced.  

Skill Level: All levels

When and Where: Sunday, April 30th, 1pm PST, 4pm EST

2-2.5 hours. A private Zoom link will be shared via email upon your registration. 

Materials:  You are welcome to gather your own supplies for this course, or you may register for this workshop with the addition of the watercolor kits available, provided you register two weeks before your workshop for guaranteed mail delivery. 

A. The Class and Watercolor Kit for One 

- Round watercolor brush 

-Angora watercolor set (Medium) 

-Folio/Envelope for artwork

-Watercolor Tips and techniques worksheet

-Practice watercolor paper (5 Sheets) 

-Sakura Micron Fineliner Ink Pen 


B. The Class and Watercolor Kit for Two 

The materials kit includes the following:

-2 round watercolor brushes

-2 Angora watercolor sets 

-2 Folios for artwork

-2 Watercolor Tips and techniques worksheets

-2 Practice watercolor paper sets 

-2 Sakura Micron Fineliner Ink Pens 


C. The Class Only (I'll gather my own materials listed below)

-Watercolor Set of choice

-#1,#2, or #3 round watercolor brush

-Cup for water

-100 lb cold press watercolor paper


-Sakura Micron Fineliner Ink Pen 


-*Tips and techniques sheet will supplies as a PDF download. 


Marcella's art is top notch! I am constantly gifting her art prints, cards and stickers - they feel so personal. I also have loved taking her workshops and learning basics in watercolor!

Kendra Shannon

I love how Marcella's watercolors have such a distinct style and feel to them. They're so colorful, I feel like I can spot from far away because they're so distinct.

Patrick Abrams

As a collector of Marcella's watercolors, I have a six of her frames in my living room and swap the watercolors out seasonally with different prints- it's so fun to change them up, and I love how big her collection is. It's a joy to curate my wall with these watercolors!

Nancy Delgado

Customer Reviews

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so fun!

Really enjoyed the class! Marcella is so encouraging and has great energy in her teaching approach. I enjoyed the combo of tips/information and work-time. This is actually the first time I've taken a watercolor class despite dabbling in painting on my own and I came away with several new pieces of knowledge about technique. Also really like the kit that came with the class--looking forward to using it more.

April King
Great Class

Marcella did a fantastic job explaining and demonstrating the basic techniques for the class. Planning to take additional classes!