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Cheese Charcuterie Board Outlines Coloring Sheets on Watercolor Paper


Loose Leaf Watercolor Sheets featuring Marcella's Charcuterie Board Outlines. 

Quantity of 4 coloring sheets printed on 140lb watercolor paper, 9”x12”. 


Copyright by Marcella Kriebel Art + Illustration. 

May not be replicated without permission of the Artist.  

After several months of my retail portion of the studio being closed due to Covid-19, we are now opening up the roll top door on Saturdays from 9-2pm in front for people to shop while remaining outside on the Arts Walk. 

This open time is during the Monroe Street Market Farmers Market, so stop by get produce, too! 

We will be taking strict health precautions while welcoming open air door-front shopping to customers, and will have hand sanitizer on hand for all. 

Stay healthy, 


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