Deluxe Watercolor Supplies Kit - Marcella Kriebel Art + Illustration

Deluxe Watercolor Supplies Kit

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This bundle of supplies are the essentials that a beginning watercolorist needs to get started, including the following:

-36 Color Angora Watercolor Set 

-One Round Watercolor Brush #4

-Quantity of 10 Sheets of 90lb Cold Press Loose Leaf Watercolor Paper

-Watercolor Tips Worksheet 

-One Micron Pen

-Artist Eraser and Pencil



Marcella's art is top notch! I am constantly gifting her art prints, cards and stickers - they feel so personal. I also have loved taking her workshops and learning basics in watercolor!

Kendra Shannon

I love how Marcella's watercolors have such a distinct style and feel to them. They're so colorful, I feel like I can spot from far away because they're so distinct.

Patrick Abrams

As a collector of Marcella's watercolors, I have a six of her frames in my living room and swap the watercolors out seasonally with different prints- it's so fun to change them up, and I love how big her collection is. It's a joy to curate my wall with these watercolors!

Nancy Delgado

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Mary Bou
Speedy service with a flourish!

I signed up for a Zoom class and ordered supplies after a quick consult online. Voila, the package arrived in speedy fashion with a flourish inside— a nice receipt and note card. Thank you!