Watercolor Illustration


Marcella Kriebel_Herbs_web

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Watercolor, Pen + Ink. 9″x 12″

Marcella Kriebel_Radishes_

Radishes. Watercolor, Pen + Ink. 9″x 12″

Marcella Kriebel_Citrus_

Citrus Family. Watercolor, Pen + Ink. 9″x 12″

Marcella Kriebel_Edible Mushrooms_web

Types of Edible Mushrooms. Watercolor, Pen + Ink. 9″x 12″

blue crab w border_web

Blue Crab. Watercolor, Pen + Ink. 9″x 12″

salmon 400px x 600

The Five Species of West Coast Salmon. Watercolor, Pen + Ink. 13″x 19″


Marcella is devoted to creating watercolor art that is both informative and beautiful, she enjoys illustrating everything from Blue Crab to Blueberries.  Marcella is the author and illustrator of Mi Comida Latina, a cookbook comprised 140 pages of her hand lettered, illustrated recipes based on her travels throughout Latin America, currently in its forth edition. Marcella’s art prints, cookbook, and cards can be found at many of the District’s farmers markets, on her etsy store, (bit.ly/Marcellaetsy) in select gift stores and soon at her workspace on the Brookland Arts Walk, Marcella Studio, #14 come November 1st.  She currently teaches watercolor classes while maintaining her art commissions, commercial design, original gallery work, and paper goods collection.

Profile photo credit: Victoria Milko Photography