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Art Every Day project updates

Potica: Custom Illustrated Recipe

Brownies Recipe 8.5x11

Custom Illustrated Recipe


DC Community Gardens Map in Progress

Marcella Kriebel Salt Stuffs

Your Salt is My Command

Ceviche de Pescado

Summer and Citrus

Gaithersburg Book Fest

TV and Teaching

mallorca in process

Cinco de Mayo and the Second Edition

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DC Library and end of first edition


Dandelion Foraging Info.


Pacific Northwest Salmon


Advice that resonates.

My narrative drawing and Carmen Lomas Garza

Slush and refining


Paella illustration: a work in progress

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Selected as featured shop on

Papernstitch Exhibition

Enchiladas for 14 in a cozy Brooklyn apartment

Thoroughly rinse onions after 10-20 minutes.


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Gaithersburg Book Festival

Comida Latina Book Signing

The first Oregon Comida Latina book signing

Huitlacoche for sale in the market



Comida Latina available at Abrazos in San Miguel


Rosa sees her recipes in print

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos of Sayulita, Mexico

Stir slowly until golden brown

Sopa Azteca: So satisfying!

After the Holiday Rush

400 Packages in 4 days

2012-12-02 22.08.51

2013 Food Celebration Calendar in process

The postcards

Preparing for the shipment


Giving Thanks and Dancing in the Cookbook Kitchen

Line drawing.

The Table of Contents

Flan recipe, watercolor final.

Flan Test Kitchen

bear in russian river lake

Glacier formed peaks and valleys


Mural on Harvard and Georgia Ave.

Upper New River Gorge

Big water on the Gauley, New River and Cabin Jewelry of West Virginia

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A long drive for a misty market

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The west village and vintage brass

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Viva Mexico

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Custom fabric designs

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