Art Every Day is complete!

It’s concluded!  I have come a long way since Swiss Cheese.  This was first piece of the project on January 1st, one year ago, my oh my- did the collection go places!

Last night at around 11pm I uploaded piece #365.  Now I have exactly one year’s worth of work and I’m ready to retire the project until I have a show to exhibit Art Every Day later this year. But before I do this, I’d like to hear from you.

So, go ahead, scroll though my year’s work and fill the form out with at least your top ten.

As thanks for feedback, each design produced as a print will go to one lucky winner who selected it as a favorite!

Also, during the show, (TBA) originals will be for sale.

(Some pieces already have red dots on the backs)

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Happy New Year!

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Art Every Day project updates

Hi everyone,
Art Every Day continues! I have been traveling these past three weeks in South America and have kept up with the project via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but didn’t post to my website during this period. For those of you that receive the email updates, please excuse the new post alerts you will be receiving today.
I stoked to be adding the series from down south including exotic fruits and some of my favorite dishes from the Andean region of the world. Enjoy!

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Potica: Custom Illustrated Recipe

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Custom Illustrated Recipe

Brownies Recipe 8.5x11

I just completed this custom illustrated recipe. My client commissioned this family favorite and reproductions of the piece to gift to her family this holiday season. If you’re interested in having one of your famous dishes illustrated, send me an email to discuss!

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DC Community Gardens Map in Progress

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Your Salt is My Command

Illustration for Runcible Spoon

My Dream Salt shaker

My dream salt shaker

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Summer and Citrus

It’s a legitimate reality: summer has arrived and it’s hot.  The need to cool off and eat light and refreshing things is upon us. Might I recommend ceviche? This is a wonderful recipe. It’s available as an art print here. Welcome the heat by embracing cool citrusy foods!Ceviche de Pescado

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TV and Teaching

Friday was a day where endurance was needed to get through it all. The day started off where I did a Fox 5 live TV food demo for the Gaithersburg Book Festival at 7:30 AM, which can be seen now,  I then had to meet a deadline for artwork of the second edition of the book in the afternoon, followed directly after by teaching the second Watercolor Art Class Salsa and Sangria event at Living Social that evening. Oh and- my mother came to town mid afternoon. I made it through, and felt good about all of it! Whew.

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Cinco de Mayo and the Second Edition

This time last year I was working hard on the content of Comida Latina, and on this Cinco de Mayo, I’m back at it. I’m adding 8 new fully illustrated pages to the second edition of Comida Latina.  I’m pleased to include Paella de Tomás, Rosa’s Enchiladas Verdes, and a my version of Mallorca, a Puerto Rican Sweet Bread.

As a self published author, I’m purchasing the books upfront and it’s a tremendous expense all at once.  Your online order of the 2nd edition will help offset my upfront costs, and in return you’ll get the books you order plus a surprise illustrated recipe art print as thanks for your support.

Remember this is a wonderful gift item for the foodie, traveler or art enthusiast in your life!

Order the 2nd edition now through my etsy site

Or, wait until my amazon payment account is verified to place your order.

Mallorca recipe in the second edition!

Mallorca recipe in the works

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DC Library and end of first edition

I checked my email this morning to find a new order had been placed for Comida Latina through  I am stoked to know that the Washington DC Library Acquisitions Division has bought a copy!  Comida Latina will be available through my local library. My hometown library in Forest Grove, Oregon bought one right away, actually.  I’m happy DC is on board too.

The first edition is going fast- only about 40 copies left of the first edition. The second is in the works: more recipes included!



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Dandelion Foraging Info.


In early spring I created a info diagram about foraging for dandelions, a small project inspired by a workshop that a friend and I lead at Wangari Gardens, a DC Community non profit.  We taught people about how to forage in the best environments to find dandelions, shared info about the plant’s nutricional value, and discussed how to make a simple salad. Prints of this info diagram are available here

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Pacific Northwest Salmon

I’ve been working on my salmon poster, inspired by my brother, an avid fisherman. The last time we were together he wrote in my journal all about the differences between each species. I asked lots of dumb sounding questions as he thoughtfully explained the difference between the coloring of the 5 different pacific salmon and other things like how the hook on the nose on the fish develops as it matures. It’s all really interesting! One of my artistic inspirations for this project is James Prosek, an artist/fisherman, author and illustrator of many fish related books, one being Fly Fish the 41st, a beautiful book narrating fishing for trout all around the 41st parallel.

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Advice that resonates.

In an interview, chalk artist and designer Dana Tanamachi shares:

Ask yourself what you would do if nobody paid you. What makes you feel fulfilled and excited? Whatever that is, do it.

It might not even be design related. Remember that your first job isn’t necessarily going to be your dream job. In this age of immediate gratification, some things still just take time. So use that time wisely! Practice. Ask yourself how you can take practical steps towards your dream. That might mean carving time out of your schedule, being a bit more disciplined, researching. Continue learning and when you get really good at something and you love it, oftentimes people will notice.


Andaz Hotel 5th Avenue | New York City

Thank you Dana.


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My narrative drawing and Carmen Lomas Garza

Lately my sketches have been focused on telling a story.

I am working towards my next book and my drawing exercises have been about human expression,  narrative, and exchanges between people.

I’d like to thank Carmen Lomas Garza for in inspiration.  She is a master of drawings that tell stories based on her life.  The more I study Garza’s work the more I am inspired. Check her out,  Thank you for your art, Carmen!

Specifically, my current sketches are based on reality.  The little boy I’m drawing these days resembles Kevin, my friend Rosa’s grandson who is always so energetic and curious.

The dog is Lupita, my aunt’s beloved little Mexican mutt.  Most people that meet Lupita adore her; she has so many human like expressions and playful characteristics that parallel a little person.



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Slush and refining

As predicted, the snow began early this morning at continues too fall, creating a wet sloppy mess.  I love snow, but not this heavy wet stuff that doesn’t stick.I’m inside, finishing up a small first edition of Tom’s paella, the watercoloring is finished, copies made, and now I’m refining them a little: adding some richer colors here and there. The snow outside is keeping me in this morning and afternoon, but I plan to get out to a gift shop that sells Latin American Books (at Inter American Development Bank) to drop off a wholesale order.  Potential wholesale stores are more abundant than it seemed initially.  Because the book is Latin American themed, artistically rendered, and it’s cookbook there is definitely more than one audience that the book appeals to, and more places to sell it. May the list of places to find Comida Latina continue to grow.

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Paella illustration: a work in progress

This recipe is the special paella of family friend Tom Cullen. I am creating it in his honor, so that people will be inspired continue to enjoy the experience that Tom has shared with friends and family over the years.
I have yet to go to Spain, but the creation process and the research involved with this illustration certainly makes me want to go even more. Such a rich history and culture behind this popular dish. I look forward to exploring it more!

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Selected as featured shop on

I’m teaming up with to offer art prints of 15 illustrated recipes from Comida Latina.  These frame-ready 9×12 editions are a great way to freshen up your kitchen!
The sale will be on for one week, starting Feb 24th check out the selections on


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Papernstitch Exhibition

I’m happy to share that Rabbitduck Workshop is a exhibitor until March 24th on the great online exhibition space, Papernstitch.

Hand picked and handmade goods indeed!

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Enchiladas for 14 in a cozy Brooklyn apartment

I had just come back from central Mexico, and I was in the mood to share what I had made south of the border.  My friend Marico and I agreed to have a dinner party in her small (average sized) Brooklyn apartment and I planned to make a meal of enchiladas verdes y rojas for 14 people.  Upon inviting our guests, people responded,  “Wow, we never actually sit down at a house party…A seriously home cooked supper for that many?…What treatment!”

The responses that we got made us realize that a sit down dinner party is something people almost never experience in New York City.  Here’s the logic: most people live in small apartments, places with not enough furniture or space to accommodate many more than one or two guests. On top of that, why bother cooking yourself when you can take advantage of such a variety of great food that NYC has to offer.  Want Colombian? Burmese? Just go to the appropriate neighborhood!

Marico and I know how much work throwing parties can be, but at the end of the night, it  was worth it.  The piles of dirty dishes in the sink, the floor that needs mopping and the rearranged furniture didn’t outweigh the introductions made, the laughs, and the great fun of having a group of select friends close together in a cozy little apartment setting enjoying a great meal together.  The dinner was a great success.   Now to plan the next one!

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Encebollado is an adjective, not a noun. Pescado encebollado, literally means fish ‘onioned.’  In Ecuador and Peru, encebollado is actually refers to a fish stew that is served with avocado and yuca.  But when something is “encebollado” it often includes salt-soaked onions: this process removes the raw flavor from the onion.  The salt is breaks down the membrane of the onion, softening it and mellowing out the raw flavor.
Thinly slice 1-2 onions and soak them in water with 2-3 tbs salt in a bowl for 10-20 minutes. The water will start to look a little cloudy, and after this happens, put the onions in a colander and rinse thoroughly.  The onions will appear translucent. I usually toss the onion with diced tomato, lime juice and salt to taste.


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Gaithersburg Book Festival

I just heard that I will be a featured speaker at the Gaithersburg Book Festival!

The Gaithersburg Book Festival is on May 18th, 10am to 6pm, Gaithersburg City Hall.

I will talk about the process of making my book: from travels to test kitchen to how I used Kickstarter to enable me to self publish Comida Latina, An Illustrated Cookbook.



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The first Oregon Comida Latina book signing

I will be at Valley Art Gallery happily signing cookbooks on Saturday February 9th, noon-3pm
Get a first edition, they’re aren’t many left..
See you there!

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Mushrooms and mold are both a type of fungi, so is Huitlacoche (corn smut): a plant fungus that causes the corn kernels to become disfigured and grow spores that are sort of blue in color.  The spores/growths turn black over time. It’s really rare to find huitlacoche in the US fresh, I’ve found it for sale in a can in specialty stores. I was so stoked to find it fresh in the outdoor market in Mexico!  It really has a distinct flavor, the closest comparison is perhaps a truffle.

Huitlacoche cooking


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Comida Latina available at Abrazos in San Miguel

Happy to announce that Comida Latina has found a retail home at Abrazos in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!  Abrazos features the collection of Patrice Wynne, creator of San Miguel Designs, 100% Original made in Mexico aprons, handbags, clothing, kitchenwares and unique gift items.  3 blocks from the Jardin in SMA,

Comida Latina in Abrazos

Comida Latina in Abrazos

Here's Patrice, in her wonderful store

Here’s Patrice in her wonderful store


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Rosa sees her recipes in print

Yesterday was a day I’ll never forget. Rosa, one of my friends in San Miguel de Allende saw the finished cookbook for the first time. Rosa was inspirational to me last April when she taught me recipes including Tamales, Sopa Azteca and Ceviche de San Miguel. At the time, Rosa knew I was going to illustrate them like the other artwork she had seen before but only yesterday did she see her recipes in the finished book! She was so, very, happy.

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Fish Tacos of Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita’s specialty without a doubt, is fish tacos.  There are signs everywhere you turn.  Carts, little tiny restaurants, bars, tables in parking lots, you name it. If they sell food, they feature fish tacos. Here’s my last meal in the surf town,  before and after visiting the salsa bar. Nopales salad, green salsa, red salsa, frijoles cucumber and tomoto picado, and of course, extra lime added! Yum.

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Sopa Azteca: So satisfying!

I like many this time of year caught a bug. I had the flu last week and spent about a week recovering. All I wanted was soup: satisfying chicken soup, I thought it only appropriate to make sopa azteca since I’m in Mexico. And so I did!

Here is Rosa making her wonderful Sopa Azteca, a process I documented last spring. May this inspire you to make this delicious soup!


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After the Holiday Rush

The flurry of shipping activity has passed, and I am happy to report I’m gearing up for travel and making more art in the next month!
I am heading to Mexico next week to meet up with Rosa, one of my dear friends who inspired me to make the illustrated cookbook.  We will be reconnecting in the kitchen again.  Stay to tuned for more photo updates.
Until then, here are some of the people who have enjoyed the book this past month.  Thanks for sharing the fun and holiday joy everyone!

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400 Packages in 4 days

The books came, and Rabbitduck Workshop came alive!  All of the preparation and packing design successfully paid off and the packages went out on time for the holidays. I hired Amerita and between the two of us we wrapped, packed, and shipped all of the Kickstarter orders in four days. Whew!

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2013 Food Celebration Calendar in process

This bright colorful watercolor reproduction features some of the best food holidays around! Much of what’s to celebrate- including National Pickle month, International Picnic Day and National Homemade Bread Day.

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Preparing for the shipment

Well, it’s happening. Most all of my materials are here, boxes, tissue paper, stickers, plastic bags, all in my little rented storage space.  I’ll pack the orders from this space very quickly, (in about 3 days) to ensure my supporters get their books in time to gift them for the holidays.  Fed Ex will deliver the shipment in about 6 days and am excited to say everything is going as planned. So stoked to share this cookbook!

I’m now trying to set up some book signings in Portland, Oregon (where I’m from) as well as Washington DC (where I currently live).  I will send out event information to those of you in these areas in the coming months.  I’d love for you to come out and support and or spread the word about these events when the time comes.

Sofar I have scheduled a cooking demo at the Dupont Farmers market. How cool to be able to make a recipe from the book with most of the ingredients sourced from the market vendors.  Should be good!

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Giving Thanks and Dancing in the Cookbook Kitchen

Now that Kickstarter has concluded and Comida Latina: An Illustrated Cookbook is being printed, I finally have a moment to reflect on what this project means to me.

As long as I can remember, I have been creating art. Making things, for me, is a combination of intuition and invention.
I was the paint-splattered child, the one who tried every possible artistic medium until I found a combination that allowed me to express my imagination.

Seeing this book project come to fruition really is the culmination of years of work, study, travel, experimentation and practice. For you all to support this project is, cliche as it sounds, an absolute dream come true. I wish there were words bigger than ‘Thank You,’ but for now, in this season of gratitude, I will simply say that I am humbled and very touched by such an overwhelming response. It exceeded all of my hopes and dreams and allowed me to increase the first printing of Comida Latina. Whether you consider buying another copy, or want to re-direct a friend who is trying to steal yours, the book will now be available on my website: , and my Etsy page:

I am both excited and dedicated to keeping my passion for drawing and cooking illustration alive by engaging in new projects. Please keep me in mind for any commissioned work you might seek for your publication, website, consumer goods, or home. I am open to creative collaborations and am thrilled to see what 2013 will bring. I am already planning another food-themed book project, a new series of paintings, and am continuing to expand my illustration collection. I look forward to keeping you updated as my projects progress.

Once again, I sincerely thank you for your support. I truly hope you enjoy my book and that it provides you with inspiration in the kitchen for years to come!

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The Table of Contents

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Flan Test Kitchen

Flan is the most challenging recipe I’m putting in the book, hands down. When working on the specifics, I made three different recipes and ended up using a combination of the three in my directions.



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Glacier formed peaks and valleys

well, I’m in Anchorage, concluding my great Alaska adventure. I hiked up a windy peak in Denali National Park, visited my brother at Great Alaska fish camp and explored the Kenai Peninsula and all it’s beauty.  Puffins and walrus have been spotted.  I saw Brown bears eating sockeye, Moose cow and calf grazing on willow trees while out on one of my morning runs.  It’s all been very exciting to see these animals, bears and big, so are moose!

I’m currently in the Hilton Hotel in downtown anchorage sitting in their comfy lobby soaking up fast internet, a cup of coffee to my left and a behemoth taxidermy polar bear to my right.  At least this beautiful beast and I are not facing each other for the afternoon. Traveling standby, I was bumped from my flight last night on account of too much cargo on the plane.  There were seats available, but apparently too much cargo to allow one young woman passenger to board the plane.  The cargo was most likely fish said the Jetblue agent.  Now I know my place in the world- I’m imagining a venn diagram or perhaps a food chain that resembles this, in order of importance:
1. all things special in the universe
2. frozen fish
3. me
I think I’m content here for a few more hours. I’m anticipating going to the airport around 11 to get on my flight.  They assured me there were 8-11 empty seats, but who knows about cargo load!

I picked up some cool meraposite, labradorite, and picture jasper stones which I plan to incorporate into some new jewelry designed for men.  I’ve gotten many requests for jewelry for guys reciently. Hopefully these stones from the majestic and rustic north country resonate manliness!

Two year old brown bear at Russian River Lake.  (great shot Toni Perez!)

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Mural on Harvard and Georgia Ave.

I finished a mural on the NW corner of Harvard and Georgia in DC this past week.  The retaining wall has been newly reconstructed and wraps around the elevated garden space next to the stairs. Thanks to Bryan Simmons of Green Room for my first DC commission! I’m looking forward to creating more murals and mosaics in DC.

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Big water on the Gauley, New River and Cabin Jewelry of West Virginia

I just returned from a river trip in West Virginia where I managed to made 10 new necklaces during cabin down time.  Fortunately this was not the highlight, the daily adventures including kayaking big water on the New River Gorge and rafting the Gauley at the high level of 9,000 cfs all of which was super exciting and memorable.  Rafting the Gauley’s 15 foot waves left my friends and I humbled by the river’s power, amazed that we went through with it and thankful that no major accidents occurred.  My kayak run on the lower section of the New River went well, I was anxious, happy, yet nervous to be running the big water for the first time.  I followed Dave’s lines and as best I could, only having seen the river from the raft a couple days prior.  Dave has run the New River Gorge probably 100 times and has lead new boaters a ton, I felt very confident in his guiding abilities.  I flipped several times throughout, but rolled up in the crucial moments and ended up wet exiting once towards end of Miller’s Folly rapid.  All in all it was a great time, and I’m proud I did it!

Cabin made jewelry includes two little brass bird necklaces with earrings to match and a lime resin pendant with Polynesian coral.

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A long drive for a misty market

Yesterday I drove eight hours back from Boston and made it back to sell at the cool and rainy Columbia Heights Farmers Market this morning. I felt compelled to stick with my obligation because not only am I leaving for a kayaking trip in a couple days, but I made new things! I was excited to get them out there. A Chinese wood carved necklace with matching earrings, small citrtine and black glass necklace, and a brass U pendant with green agate and red west African beads. I think there’s some inherent energy around new stuff that draws people to the peices. Two of my sales today were two new designs. Check out the new pieces on etsy.

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The west village and vintage brass

I just spent 4 days in amazing west village with my newlywed cousins. This time inspired me to paint more urban settings, The high line is a great source of enjoyment and natural beauty among the urban landscape. This elevated park is a beautifully designed walkway providing ample views of the city’s west side and the Hudson. It’s practically my cousin’s backyard too which allowed me to walk it in the morning, evening and en route to get fresh juice. Fantastic.
I purchased some awesome vintage brass pieces while in mid town. 2″ textured brass heart pendants, and cool solid brass cast leaves which I plan to make as a necklace centerpiece surrounded by pearls. Look for these pieces on my etsy site in the next two a weeks.

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Viva Mexico

I have been busily working on a new series of illustrations of the things that inspire me most in Mexico.  Items include cactus, milagos charms, papel picado (paper cut flags), papaya and watermelon, different tin corazónes ornaments.  Look for this series soon in my portfolio.

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Custom fabric designs

This spring I’ve created many designs for Brie Kriebel Clothing, my mom’s business. Many of these designs are ideas she has always wanted to create but hasn’t found the proper imagery on fabric to do so, short of creating stencils, in which she is accustomed.  We have printed several designs now using, which prints custom artwork on fabrics using digital printing technology.  New themes include Portland and Seattle landscapes, a squirrel, quail, and hummingbird.  More to come!

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    series are for sale.
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